“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” 


As a BA fine art student studying at Wimbledon College of art, Glory is a British Feminist and is especially accomplished as a figurative painter. 

Born and raised in London, Glory investigates British and Feminine identity through a pop cultural and historical/ colonial lens, creating iconic narratives through her portraiture and methodology; she documents and contextualises her work using sophisticated approaches, welcomes collaborative projects and shares an interest with other artists whom explore identity. Glory has embraced a varied range of media including acrylic and oil painting, observational sketching, digital designing, photography and montage.

Glory's vision as a deep thinker is to open up a new lens in which Black British identity is viewed, causing her audience to assess how pop culture’s prerequisites shape the art and artist. She seeks to explore the chasm between clashing cultures existing in London, such as 'high art' and 'street art'.


Glory Sam-jolly

Born 1997 – Lewisham– London

Lives and studies in London

Learning Department Tour Guide Intern:

Royal Naval College – Greenwich London – June to July 2013

Learning department – touring school visitors, home schooled students and international tourists around the painted halls, Cutty Sark and chapel. This included personal demonstrations of life drawings with students.


Wimbledon College of Arts UAL

2017 to 2020

Art student studying BA Fine Art: Painting

Yinka Shonibare| Studio Intern

South Bermondsy –London – Spring 2019

Curating with Kitty Beamish who oversees a studio of a renown British & Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare; curating for summer shows and future shows.


Open Dialogue| Afro Caribbean Exhibition

Central Saint Martins – London – March 2018

Hosted by Graphic Design Professor, Kelly Walters; a collaborate exhibition with Afro-Caribbean UAL artists studying in London. My art works ‘Timed’ and ‘Girl under construction were exhibited.

Elizabeth James Gallery| 2nd Anniversary

Norwood Junction – London– December 2018

My art works ‘Timed’ and ‘Girl under construction exhibited at Elizabeth James Gallery's 2nd anniversary.

Copeland Gallery| The State of Things

Copeland Park & Bussey Building – London – October 2019

For the UAL Arts Union’s Black History Month, ‘The State of Things’, my series of paintings ‘Dear Archives’ was exhibited

For Colored Girls| The Alke-Bulan Collective

University of East London – London – October 2019

My short series of oil paintings ‘Woman in Suits’, was exhibited, as well as an oil painting ‘Blue Batik Goddess’


Prunella Clough prize (nominee)

Tate – London – June 2019

The award is in honour of artist and WCA lecturer, Prunella Clough

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