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As a figurative painter, Afro-Caribbean and British citizen at birth, I assess ethnic minority identities in the western world by creating iconic narratives through my portraiture.
Living in London has taught me to use ethnic isolation as a platform of distinction rather than a victim collective, and to understand other artists whom have felt non-British because of their ethnicity. Painting is the bridge that transforms my thoughts into visual action against misrepresentation.

Glory Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas 2020_edited.jpg

"Glory" Self Portrait. From the series " Dear Archives

James Chapelle EH resize_edited_edited.j

"James Chappell" From the series "Painting Our Past"

honerable women.jpg

"The Honourable Women of Slayage in their Study" Dear Archives


"Lady Mia and the Politics of Hair" From the series "Dear Archives"

The Nuanced Architect in Thought new.jpg

"The Nuanced Architect in Thought" Dear Archives

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