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Black Aristocratic Art: Re-presenting Black British History

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Art history is a critical subject for me, because I realised not long ago that Black-British artists find themselves underrepresented, and majorly mis-represented in historical portraiture, a genre I have always had a personal admiration for. That’s why I started @blackaristocratart. The "Black Aristocratic art" page is my attempt to archive the precious remnants of Black portraiture from different historical eras and educate young people whom are not taught about these African or Black-British figures in art history.

The "Black Aristocratic Fine-Art" gallery will be a social enterprise, as well as an educational site which delves into the remnants of 'Black' art-history in Europe. No other website or gallery will have such content as this site, which collates famous portraits of Black/ ethnic nobles from the Renaissance up to the Edwardian era. This website will also be a platform for featuring contemporary artists whom criticise gender and race in art history through their practice. At this present time, no such website or gallery in Europe exists.

The "Black Aristocratic Fine-Art" website has now been launched at I also posts regularly on Instagram at @blackaristocratart.

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